One of my biggest joys is educating clients on how to take the best care of THEIR skin. Solutions for minimizing the effects of aging or teaching teens about the best way to take care of acne are some of the skin types I specialize in.  Using a line called Rhonda Allison as well as custom skin care, most clients can see changes in their skin. Rhonda Allison skincare products are designed to be gentle for the skin but deliver real results, blending the best of science and nature.This skincare line is a leading pioneer in the chemical peel field. I can customize skin care solutions and make amazing transformations to your skin! I also offer waxing services for men and women and the very popular lash and eyebrow tinting.  As well as topical solutions to skincare, I also have over 29 years experience as  a clinical herbalist, offering a holistic approach to skincare.